Our strategy

Bilby’s strategy of operating predominantly in London and the South East gives it significant access to a highly concentrated area of large scale customers that includes 1.32 million local authority and social housing association properties. With operational excellence underpinning all its activities, the Group is wholly focused on delivering first-class customer service to social housing. This has enabled Bilby to achieve significant operational momentum by becoming a partner of choice.

Each subsidiary within our Group continues to operate under long established brands in a defined market. Our strategy of operating within a limited geographic focus, delivering best in class service and maintaining a disciplined pricing model and cost base also ensures operational efficiencies that drive both revenues and sustainable margins.

Since IPO in 2015 we have had a two-pronged approach to our strategy by delivering a combination of organic and acquisitive growth when conditions allow, with the Board looking to apply a dividend policy which closely tracks earnings growth. Bilby has delivered on its ‘buy-and-build’ strategy and in doing so has enabled the Group to tender for certain contract opportunities that it may otherwise have been precluded from due to pre-qualification revenue restrictions. The Group remains committed to its “buy-and-build” strategy and continues to review a range of opportunities. Bilby’s disciplined acquisition policy ensures it only reviews possible acquisitions based on strict criteria to ensure any acquisition is value enhancing and delivers significant service synergies and operational efficiencies.

Due to Bilby’s scale, focus and operational excellence, it is in a position to select the partners it wants to work with that enhance margins through the business. When we work with our partners we work for the long-term and our method of assessment includes:

  • Return on capital
  • Geographical location
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Cash conversion
  • Length of contract
  • Additional workloads
  • Timings