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Spokemead Maintenance Ltd (Spokemead)

Spokemead specialises in electrical installation, repairs and maintenance services for local authority owned housing stock. It was acquired by Bilby in 2016 for a maximum consideration of £8.7 million and enabled the Group to expand its offering to its core customer base.

Spokemead was established over 35 years ago and has offices in Hertfordshire and South London. It has been the principal contractor for London's largest borough for some 25 years.

With a highly skilled and highly motivated workforce of over 30 fully qualified electricians, the workforce and management structure has been specifically designed to meet the needs of clients in this complex and demanding operating environment.

Spokemead has extensive experience and detailed working knowledge and practices, built up over four consecutive contract periods in the field, and the company already has the infrastructure, knowledge, expertise and network in place to seamlessly and continuously provide first-class service. Spokemead has proven its ability to respond to emergency supply disruption and is committed to working in partnership on long-term projects.

Spokemead strives to be the market leader in the provision of electrical services to our clients and promotes integrity, fairness and equality in the workplace.

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